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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

Our Curriculum Intent

In keeping with our Christian vision our curriculum is designed with three goals in mind:

*To provide children with awe and wonder in order to develop their spirituality. 

* To ensure children respect, utilise and take pride in their environment.

* To provide children with experiences that awaken their desire for knowledge and that leads them to become initative takers and resilient learners.

Our School Curriculum Design

Our school curriculum is designed to extend the children's knowledge of themselves and the world around them, to develop their skills and ideas as individuals and to help them relate to others. All children follow a broad and balanced education in every class following the national curriculum and learning is based upon the following areas of experience.

1. English

2. Maths

3. Science

4. Computing

5. Religious and spiritual education

6. Physical education

7. Social health and citizenship

8. History

9. Geography

10. Art

11. Design and technology

12. French


Within this framework, activities are sought to provide children with opportunities to:

a) Develop lively and enquiring minds.

b) Identify, define and solve problems.

c) Develop interest and imagination.

d) Encourage decision making and responsibility.

e) Be sensitive to the needs of others.

f) Acquire knowledge, skills and understanding.

g) Experience a caring, supportive school community and to contribute to its well-being.


Our carefully planned curriculum offers progression and continuity, and the matching of work set to the ability of the children. The Christian ethos that permeates the whole of our school life. The Reception children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  Our intention is to provide a vibrant and exciting curriculum that enables each child to realise his/her greatest potential.


Our aim is to create a happy and safe school environment where children learn specific skills; where they develop a love of learning, of finding out and investigating; and where tolerance and consideration for others along with cooperation and team work provides the basis for all our activities.  The monitoring of each child's progress is on-going and is discussed with parents at appropriate times during the year.


The curriculum in its full sense comprises all the opportunities for learning provided by the school. It includes the formal programme of lessons within the timetable and our varied enrichment and outdoor learning activities. These complement each other and thus the relationships and quality of life established in the school community as a whole.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

Biblical Value

Inspiring God’s children to achieve their full potential. We are a small school but big enough to care and inspire all children. We provide a safe Christian environment for all to work and play together.